Quick View: AWS & Kubernetes (K8s) Report

AWS Kubernetes

Today The Information published a story that “Amazon (AWS) Considering New Cloud Service to Combat Google.” The Information highlighted that Kubernetes was created by Google. However, The Information missed stating that while Google is the biggest contributor to it today… Continue Reading

Why you should be paying attention to Spinnaker 1.0 release

spinnaker 1.0 release

Yesterday Google Cloud announced the release of Spinnaker 1.0, a continuous delivery tool for software developers. Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery (CD) platform for high velocity software releases. I wanted to give some context as to why… Continue Reading

Red Hat and Atlassian Strengthen AWS Developer Positioning

Red Hat and Atlassian Strengthen AWS Developer Positioning

The first week of May held some solid announcements for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their respective alliance partnerships focused on joint software development clients. Both Red Hat and Atlassian strengthened their respective offerings for software developers on the AWS… Continue Reading