Google Next 2017 Day Two Keynote and Top Two Updates

SAN FRANCISCO—(Cloud City Road Trip)—

Today’s key note was less about big announcements and more focused on demos and details for developers. The two big announcements for Google Cloud included pricing and three new regions (Eastern Canada, The Netherlands and California) to Google Cloud’s worldwide footprint:

In addition to the new geographic locations there was significant and client friendly billing model changes. In our analysis of what to expect at this year’s Google Next that we published yesterday, we highlighted the simplified billing support the Google Cloud offers. During today’s keynote (at approximately 1h:17m:45s for those that want to fast-forward), Urs Hölzle shared that 53% of existing public cloud users spend significant time trying to optimize and contain their public cloud spending.

Urs didn’t mention Amazon Web Services (AWS) by name but he was clearly calling out the work that AWS users have to do, including the creation of internal “Ministry of Reserve Instance Optimization,” to maximize their AWS savings. Google announced a simplified program to maximize client savings on their public cloud. This includes the ability to change instances, types and even regions based on agreggate volume commitment to Google. For reference, AWS requires much more specific instance class and regional commitments in exchange for maximizing discounts. In addition to going at AWS with this announcement there is a risk that Google Cloud is not welcoming ISVs already supporting the complexities of billing and usage management in AWS like CloudHealth, Cloudability, etc. into their public cloud ecosystem as part of this ultimate cost savings approach.

I really enjoyed the Schlumberger demo on HPC; it was a great use case that showed depth of the client usage of Google Cloud. The DLP chat demo was clearly technology that organizations can use to mitigate liability from collecting information or PII in the normal course of business that they ultimately want to scrub for long term retention. The Firebase & Apigee .Net demo was clean and to the point about how you can take legacy applications and use these tools to modernize deployments of legacy applications in Google Cloud.

What did you enjoy today? Please contact us with your thoughts.


Matthew Scott