Red Hat and Atlassian Strengthen AWS Developer Positioning

The first week of May held some solid announcements for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their respective alliance partnerships focused on joint software development clients. Both Red Hat and Atlassian strengthened their respective offerings for software developers on the AWS platform.

Red Hat Summit – AWS Announcements

Red Hat held its Red Hat Summit last week in Boston. At the Summit, Red Hat announced that they “will make AWS services accessible directly within Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, allowing customers to take advantage of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud whether they’re using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on AWS or in an on-premises environment. Customers will be able to seamlessly configure and deploy a range of AWS services such as Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, Amazon Athena, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, and Elastic Load Balancing with just a few clicks from directly within the Red Hat OpenShift console.”



AWS and Red Hat will continue to offer the complete suite of Red Hat JBoss Middleware offerings as fully supported services on AWS, allowing customers to run Red Hat JBoss Middleware as containerized application components with the functionality, elasticity, and security customers have come to expect from AWS. To further enhance Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform performance on AWS, the companies will collaborate on development to further strengthen the integration between AWS and Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform that powers Red Hat OpenShift.

With OpenShift now available on AWS and Google Cloud, as well as on-premise, Red Hat has strengthened the number of infrastructure choices for OpenShift clients.

Atlassian European Summit – AWS Announcements

At their first European Summit in Barcelona last Tuesday, Atlassian announced the global expansion of its cloud infrastructure in Europe (Ireland) exclusively running on AWS. Scott Farquar, CEO of Atlassian, published a blog post highlighting why a hosted solution for Atlassian customers in Europe would be done via AWS in Ireland.

“Today, more than 75% of new Atlassian customers start with one of our cloud products, which means our cloud infrastructure must be up to the task. We are happy to announce that our cloud hosting infrastructure is going global, starting with the launch of a new European region in Ireland. After migration to this new infrastructure, our European cloud customers will experience improved performance and reduced latency.”

“We know data privacy, security, and compliance are extremely important to our customers, and we are investing heavily in all of these areas. To reinforce this effort, we’ve made a foundational change in our cloud platform over the last year and are now using AWS to host our services. This enables us to offer an increased variety of cloud deployment regions, with strong performance and local failover options.”

This expansion into AWS Europe strengthens the partnership between the two companies. Atlassian (JIRA) was included in AWS’s new offering, CodeStar, announced last month at the AWS Summit in San Francisco. Atlassian also moved its data center infrastructure to AWS and was featured as a case study by AWS.

Matthew Scott