A Partner Strategy Tailored to Your Business Needs

We get to know your organization and understand your business objectives when it comes to succeeding in building public cloud sales channels. This enables us to develop your custom strategy and guide you through the journey. Many of our clients need help establishing the plan and programs but don’t need this resource on full-time at the beginning. We typically partner with your revenue, marketing, product and engineering organizations to tailor go-to-market and roadmap priority along with establishing partner focus.

Establishing Your Public Cloud Partner Vision

Understanding where you want to go is integral in deciding how to get there. We help develop your vision and keep you accountable. As your software company continuously evolves in selling to public cloud customers, we help you build the right direct, partner and channel cloud sales strategy based on our unique experience doing this at AWS and AWS partner SaaS companies.

Determining and Prioritizing Partnership Initiatives

Our tailored alliance services provide strategic direction to help you achieve your goals. We determine and prioritize partner initiatives to reduce risk in a quick and cost effective manner. As a software company, your customers have unique product integration needs. Aligning your cloud sales strategy and your product integration roadmap can scale revenue based on customer success on overall cloud journey with ISV integrations.

Cloud Channel Sales At Scale

The scale of high velocity cloud channel operations needs to be paired with each phase of your company’s growth. Cloud City Ventures makes sure your cloud sales teams across the business operate at the highest level through best practice coaching and partnering with your head of sales and head of marketing.

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