AWS CRM Integration Scales Sales Not Just Alliances

If you have managed a relationship between AWS and your software or consulting company, you know how difficult it can be to keep your sales team in sync with their public cloud peers. We have worked on this area with our clients for many years and recently finished an engagement where we unlocked significant value for our client’s entire customer facing teams, not just their alliances organization.

How did we do it? We are taking advantage of the recent release of the Amazon Partner Network (APN) AWS CRM integration:

Prior to this AWS CRM Integration release, alliance managers at software or consulting companies would need to manually create or update their opportunities in Amazon’s partner portal. As your sales teams worked on customer opportunities, the alliance managers would need to follow along with the opportunities and make the relevant updates in AWS’s partner system. This meant the opportunities your sales teams were working on were likely out of sync with your AWS peers. This problem becomes more challenging based on the number of opportunities your sales team is working on and whether it is new business or a customer renewal/upgrade.

We helped our customer integrate their existing customer-facing CRM ( and now they can create and update their AWS-facing opportunities in real-time. This saved our customer over 80 hours a month for their alliance teams on just the opportunity updating and we are moving onto the benefits for both new and renewal opportunities.

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